With one-on-one nutrition counseling, you will get an initial consultation where we will develop an individualized meal plan. Follow up appointments will ensure that you are making progress and help tackle any obstacles that may come up along the way. You will also have access to the nutrition curator hotline for any questions that may come up along the way. Counseling topics include: weight loss, sports nutrition, pre/postnatal nutrition, medical conditions, chronic disease, allergies/intolerances, and much, much, more!


Stocking your pantry appropriately is essential to success when it comes to achieving nutrition-related goals. I will transform your pantry and show you what should stay and what should go. By teaching you how to read packaging labels and giving you recommendations for future shopping, I will ensure that your pantry remains a place for nutritious options that suit your needs.


Supermarkets are full of temptation. Even if you don’t intend to, you might walk out with shopping bags full of bad decisions. With my supermarket tour, I will show you how to navigate the aisles and how to fill your cart so that you are equipped with the food you need to achieve your goals. 


If you are someone who is frightened by your kitchen and delivery is the only way you know how to eat at home, then this is for you. After this one hour basics cooking class, you will realize how simple mealtime can be and discover how delicious your very own food can taste.


Just because you care about eating nutritious food, restaurants are not off-limits. Going out? Send me the menu, and I will send you my picks


Is there a particular nutrition topic that you and your friends or family have been wondering about? Would you like a thorough answer from a trusted source? Then this is for you. Submit your question and schedule a class so that you get your answer once and for all.


Corporate wellness programs play a key role in keeping employees healthy and happy. I will educate, encourage, and engage your employees with my wellness program so that they can achieve their health goals.


Customers are demanding healthier food, and the FDA is cracking down. If you own a restaurant or any food service operation, you might need some guidance. As an experienced culinary nutritionist I can help you with: recipe and menu development; nutrition analysis; ingredient listing; allergen labeling; health claims; FDA compliance, and employee training.