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At Nutrition Curator, we are devoted to curating a healthier you. Whether it is through our nutrition counseling services; wellness events and partnerships; or culinary consulting; the goal is simple: to bring wellness into people’s lives.


Behind everything we do exist three fundamental beliefs. In fact, these three tenets are what give Nutrition Curator its staying power.

1. Information must be data-driven

All of our wellness recommendations are informed by science-based data. While we will always evolve along with new, qualified information, we will never experiment with unverified conjecture.

2. Food must be enjoyed

We understand that people are only interested in eating food that they enjoy. Whether it is creating an individualized meal plan for a private client or developing recipes for a restaurant, good food is essential to everything we do.

3. Wellness must be approachable

Knowledge is power, but being able to explain that knowledge to others is key. Whether it is for the individual who doesn’t know how to read a food label in the supermarket or for a restaurant that wants to portray the health benefits of their food to customers, we make “healthy” easy to understand.




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My name is Allison Gross. I am a Registered Dietitian and your Nutrition Curator.

As a child, I had a love affair with food. In retrospect, it was just rationalized hedonism. When I liked the taste of something, I wanted more of it. Needless to say, I did not know the consequences of that mindset. My love affair with food took a toll on my weight, and at just nine years old, I was 4’7” and weighed 103 pounds.

While it seemed like I was just a chubby little girl, my unhealthy habits were putting me on a trajectory for an even more unhealthy life. One day, I decided I needed to make a change and I begged my mother to take me to a dietitian. I knew I needed professional help.

So I “relearned” how to eat. I discovered that there was a difference between nutrient dense foods and energy dense foods. I realized that portion control was important – that I could have pizza, but that there was a difference between one, two, and three slices. Most importantly, I saw first hand that change could be achieved through food…that health could be achieved through food.

My transformation not only changed me physically, but it instilled a passion for nutrition that has shaped my career.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I got my Masters in Nutrition from NYU and did my Dietetic Internship training at New-York Presbyterian Hospital. I then worked as a culinary nutritionist, consulting for major hotel and restaurant groups. In the meantime, I have built up a private nutrition practice counseling clients to help them achieve their personal wellness goals. And now, I have merged all of my expertise into one cohesive brand: Nutrition Curator.

During my free time, I enjoy breaking a sweat in a workout class, spending time with family and friends, shopping at the farmers market, and traveling the world. My childhood love of food is still very much alive and I am constantly exploring new flavors through new places, restaurants, and experiments in my own kitchen.


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