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It seems as though the second the first leaf starts to change color, everyone everywhere becomes obsessed with pumpkin. You’re almost made to feel like you haven’t truly experienced fall if you haven’t had something that has been flavored with pumpkin. You might as well just go and live on the West Coast. The craze has gotten so out of hand that it's made headlines on The Daily Show and got John Oliver all riled up

Not gonna lie though, having resisted the trend for quite some, I was starting to feel like I was missing out on something.

So, when I was invited to a dinner at a friend’s last week, I used it as an opportunity to get in on the pumpkin game. I went with a vegan pumpkin mousse, and it was a total hit. Sweet with warm undertones from the spice. Creamy, yet light. And, of course, a pumpkin flavor that tasted like the epitome of what a fall dessert should taste like. (I think it’s safe to say, I drank the pumpkin koolade, and let me tell you, it is delicious.)

If you’re already on the pumpkin bandwagon, definitely add this to your list of recipes. Or, if like me, you’re new to the game, get on board! This recipe is so insanely easy, anyone can do it.



  • 2-15 oz. cans of pumpkin
  • 1 lb package of silken tofu, drained
  • 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
  • 3 Tbsp maple syrup
  • ¼ cup golden raisins


  • raw pumpkin seeds
  • golden raisins


  1. In a blender, mix all ingredients until mixture is completely smooth and combined.
  2. Store in fridge until ready to serve.
  3. Garnish with pumpkin seeds and raisins.


  • When I wrote “cans of pumpkin” in the ingredient list, I really wanted to write “cans of canned pumpkin,” but I thought that would be redundant. Still doesn’t sound right to me though…If you're a grammar guru, feel free to weigh in in the comments! Regardless, when you do buy your canned pumpkin, make sure that "pumpkin" is the only ingredient on the ingredient list. We don't want any added sugar or flavoring, just straight pumpkin.
  • For those who do not know what nutmeg is, it is a spice with a deliciously spicy and warm flavor and is often used in festive recipes, such as eggnog. You can buy it ground, which is what I used because I was lazy and that is what I had on hand. But, you can also buy it whole as a seed, and grate it down to a powder using a microplane. This way, the nutmeg stays fresher, longer.
  • I know the golden raisins may seem like an unusual addition, but trust me, they add a tang that elevates the flavor profile of this dish and keeps your spoon coming back for more!
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