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LISTS TO LIVE BY: 10 ways to eat an avocado

Let’s be real: as much as you love your avocado toast, you might be getting just a tad bored. I know it feels sacrilegious to say, but it’s okay…even the most delicious foods can get monotonous. In fact, that’s why I’ve brought you this list – to breathe new life into your avocado routine. So here are ten other ways for you to use those emerald nutrition powerhouses..

1.     Smoothie:

You might remember my post about how to build a better smoothie where avocados served as a perfect smoothie thickener. Sure bananas are great, but a) you might not want the banana flavor permeating your whole smoothie each and every day, and b) bananas have a lot of sugar (yes natural sugar, but sugar nonetheless). So next time, opt for avocado: basically sugar-free, full of good fats, filling, neutral taste, and provides that creamy factor every delicious smoothie needs.

2.     Omelet Mix-in:

It might sound strange, but don’t knock it till you try it! Sometimes an omelet just doesn’t satiate, especially if you forgo the cheese, the hash browns, and the toast. But a great way to round out an omelet and keep you full is to throw some avocado into the mix. Just cut it into cubes and toss it in towards the end of the cooking process. Your new brunch special is served!

3.     Salad Mix-in:

Ever feel like you eat one of those huge salads from the salad bar and you’re totally stuffed, but not satisfied? While a diet full of raw veggies might be totally nutrient dense, it is just not sustainable. Now, I'm not telling you to fill your salad with croutons and fried onions because then I'd just be a horrible dietitian ;) but I am saying that adding avocado will help to keep you full without being stuffed. It will also keep you from visiting the vending machine later for a candy bar....which would kind of negate the point of a salad…right?

4.     Salad Dressing: 

Not feeling avocado in your salad? Well, what about on your salad? The same “creamy” factor that works for your smoothie also works for your salad dressing. Instead of opting for those heavy mayo-based dressings that quickly bring the nutrition grade of your salad from an A to a D (harsh, but true!), opt for an avocado as the base of your dressing. Just blend an avocado, olive oil, acid of choice, and add in whatever spices and herbs you like and you're good to go!

5.    Sandwich Spread: 

Good news: the same dressing that you just made for your salad can do double duty as a sandwich spread. Now who doesn't like a 2 for 1 deal? While you're at it, you can just throw out those store-bought condiments. I promise, you won't miss them!

6.    Guacamole: 

This might not be such a novel concept, I'll give you that, but sometimes it’s the most obvious things that we forget about. And while guacamole might not sound that exciting, the beauty of making it yourself is that you can add whatever you want to it! Experiment with interesting flavors and textures by adding in different nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, and even fruit.

7.    Sushi Roll: 

Instead of loading up on multiple sushi rice to get full, my advice is to stick to one roll and add avocado to it. This will make the roll substantial enough so that you don’t crave another. Supplement with some lighter fare, like a salad and sashimi, and you’re golden! Want to take out rice altogether? Just get sashimi and add the avocado to the salad.

8.    Chocolate Desserts:

While on their own they might not bring enough sweetness to the dessert game, avocados are a great substitute for butter, cream, and eggs. Cocoa powder and melted dark chocolate do a great job at driving the flavor. So next time you’re craving some chocolate mousse or a decadent brownie, try using an avocado in the mix – you might be pleasantly surprised!

9.     Au Natural:

Sometimes things are best eaten in their purest form. If you have ever cut an avocado in half (lengthwise) you probably noticed that there is a perfect little crater in the flesh where the pit used to live. Just pour some vinaigrette or mustard into the crater, grab a spoon, and you instantly have yourself a satisfying and tasty snack. The best part? You don’t even need a plate. Most. Convenient. Snack. Ever.

10. Baby Food:

So, this one is for all the mommies out there who want to make their baby food from scratch. Just puree up some avocado, add in whatever seasonings you want, and you have yourself some homemade baby food!

I hope this list inspires you. But I do feel obligated to say that while avocados are extremely healthy, they are calorie dense due to their high fat content (albeit good fat!). So just remember to keep your portions in check...but honestly, they’re so satisfying and filling that it’s hard to go overboard.