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If after last week’s post you felt completely inspired to start your day with a healthy breakfast, then you’ve got the right idea. But the execution can seem daunting.

I get it. When you wake up, you’re exhausted. You may or may not have snoozed 5 times. If you have kids, you have to drop them at school. If you have a dog, you have to walk it. All that, and you still have to get to work on time. So, it’s no surprise that making a leisurely breakfast is simply not in the cards.

Let me tell you -- you are not alone. The fact of the matter is, you need something quick and easy to make breakfast a reality. But picking up a heavy sandwich at the nearest bodega or grabbing a breakfast bar that is full of sugar is not the answer.

Breakfast, like all meals, should be composed of protein, fiber, and healthy fat. This combination is the secret to feeling full, but not weighed down. And it will give you the energy you need for the day ahead.

Below is a list of 7 no-frills, easy, and tasty breakfast ideas that you can throw together in 5 minutes or less.

1. Overnight Oats

In a sealable jar, combine ½ cup dry rolled oats, 1 cup nut milk or low fat milk, and a drizzle of honey. Store in the fridge overnight. In the morning add fresh fruit and ¼ cup raw nuts or seeds...maybe even some flaxseed or chia seeds for a fiber boost. No time to eat it at home? Just reseal the jar and bring it with you to work!

2. Microwavable Oatmeal

If you like your oatmeal hot but don’t have the time to stand over the stove, microwave it. Packaged oats that are flavored can be full of extra sugar, so always opt for the “plain” variety (I recommend Qi’a) and add your flavoring with fresh fruit, maybe some natural peanut butter and a drizzle of honey. As with the overnight oats, if you want even more of a fiber boost, add in some ground flaxseed or chia seeds. No time to eat it at home? Pour it in a thermos and bring it with you to work.

3. Yogurt Parfait

In a jar or Tupperware, combine ½ cup low fat plain Greek or Skyr yogurt, fresh fruit, ½ cup high fiber cereal (I recommend Nature's Path Smart Bran), and ¼ cup raw nuts/seeds. No time to eat it at home? Just seal it up and go!

4. Ezekiel English Muffin with Peanut Butter and Banana

Not all English Muffins are created equal. Unlike most that are full of refined carbs, preservatives, and added sugar, these English muffins have 8 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and a pristine ingredient list. Pop one in the toaster, top it with 1-2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter, slice ½ banana on top and you are good to go! (Feel free to sub in any fruit. I personally really like this with figs or strawberries.)

5. Nutrition Curator-Approved Smoothie

Just like English muffins, not all smoothies are created equal. Most smoothies are loaded with sugar and can pack more calories than a sandwich. So if you are going to opt for a smoothie, I’d suggest following my guide for some tricks to keep your smoothie full of nutrients without turning into a calorie bomb. For increased efficiency, keep your blender container in the fridge filled with your smoothie ingredients so that all you have to do in the morning is pour in your liquid and buzz it up.

6. Avocado Toast and Smoked Salmon

Who says avocado toast is just for weekend brunch? It happens to be a very easy and quick breakfast option for your weekday mornings as well. Just pop and Ezekiel English muffin in the toaster, smash up ¼ avocado, top with a few slices of smoked salmon, and you have yourself a luxurious breakfast worthy of a mimosa.

7. Hard Boiled Eggs and Fiber Crackers

It can be time consuming to start making eggs in the morning. But hard boiled eggs are something you can make in advance and have for the week ahead. In fact, this is definitely the quickest and most transportable breakfast on this list. The best part is, it still hits all the nutrient requirements: protein and fat from the egg; and fiber from the crackers. Just slice up the eggs, top the crackers (I recommend the Wasa Fiber crackers), and sprinkle on some sea salt, ground pepper. Don’t have time to eat it at home? Grab 2 eggs and 4 crackers, run out the door, and eat it at your desk.

The takeaway:

With any goal, having a game plan and identifying small, realistic steps you can take towards achieving that goal is key. The trick to making breakfast a reality is thinking in terms of how to maximize what you can plan ahead, minimize assembly time in the morning, and pack it up so you can transport it easily and efficiently. Once you find something that works for you, you’ll wonder why you ever skipped breakfast in the first place!