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Who doesn’t love going on vacation? Escaping the daily grind is important for our mental health. But what about our physical health? Coming home after a marathon of indulgent eating and a sabbatical from the gym can often lead to guilt, regret, and the daunting task of "getting back on track."

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The fact of the matter is, vacation shouldn't mean leaving your wellness goals behind. And here’s the thing: you can eat everything you want, leave your workout routine at home, and still stay on that wellness journey.

Here’s how:

Plan out your meals.

Not every meal needs to be indulgent. For example, if you know you’re going to have a particularly decadent dinner, try making healthier choices at breakfast and lunch. This will help keep your daily intake in check. Notice: I did not say skip breakfast or lunch. Skipping meals is rarely a good idea. However, balancing out indulgent meals with lighter ones is.

Share your food.

The issue with traveling and wanting to taste everything is that there are only so many opportunities to taste it all. Trying to fit multiple “must try” dishes into one meal can definitely lead to excess. The answer? Share your food! By ordering multiple dishes for the table, you get to taste everything without feeling like you’re going to roll out of the restaurant when the meal is over.

BYOF. Bring your own fiber.

One of the biggest complaints I get from clients is that they become less "regular" any time they travel. And let's just say, I can relate. That's why I always bring my high fiber cereal and high fiber crackers everywhere I go. I like to eat them during breakfast so that I'm guaranteed to get my fiber quota for the day. I'll either pair the cereal with some fresh fruit and plain yogurt or if I'm in the mood for something savory I'll get eggs or smoked salmon and eat them along with the crackers. It's such a simple move and it makes the world of a difference!

Once is enough.

Eating the same indulgent thing over and over again may be fun, but if we're being honest with ourselves, it isn't necessary. For example, while Italy may be known for its gelato, that doesn’t mean you need to have gelato every day of your two-week trip. It may seem like a “vacation” thing to do, but it is also something that will pack on those “vacation” pounds. The thing to remember about food is: taste is fleeting, but the memory of the taste will last forever. So rather than eating the gelato every day to repeat the experience, have it once and be mindful. That way, you can bring that memory home with you, minus all the extra pounds.

Walk it out.

We often think that being physically active means sticking to our rigid schedule of intense spin classes, rigorous HIIT routines, and burning pilates sessions. We feel a need to compensate for our sedentary lives of sitting at a desk all day. But when we’re on vacation, we don't have to sit at a desk all day. We can simply stay active by walking around. Going for a daily stroll on the beach or spending a day walking a new city can keep your physical fitness in check without ever stepping foot into a gym.

Now that you have all these tips in the bag, just make sure your passport isn't expired, and you're good to go!