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nutrition counseling

At Nutrition Curator we have a suite of nutrition services TO CATER TO your specific needs.

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private nutrition program

Phase 1 : 6 week reset

The purpose of this phase is to properly reset and build a foundation to optimize success.

During this phase we will:

  • outline ultimate goals

  • set short term action plans for achieving those goals

  • create a perfect meal plan, made specifically for you

  • address existing unhealthy behaviors

  • instill positive health-promoting habits

Phase 2: Tapered support

The purpose of this phase is to fine-tune the healthy eating patterns and behaviors established during phase 1.

During this phase we will be:

  • nearing the end of the goal setting/achieving practice

  • getting ready to focus on maintenance

phase 3: Supported Maintenance

The purpose of this phase is to ease clients into total independence, while still feeling supported.

During this phase we will ensure that:

  • the goals you have achieved will be sustained in the long-term

a la carte services

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supermarket tour

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. During this 60-minute session I will help you navigate your local supermarket. I will teach you how to read food labels; identify health halo traps; point out which aisles to avoid so you don’t fall prey to temptation; and help you find the healthiest options in the most efficient manner.

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A properly stocked pantry is key to eating well. Keeping the wrong foods around can cause us to fall off the bandwagon, while having the right foods around can put us one step closer to success. During this 2-hour session I will teach you how to read food labels; identify health halo traps; vet your existing items; and provide you with a shopping list to help round out your pantry offerings.

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children’s cooking classes

Developing healthy habits from a young age is essential. These cooking classes are a great way to do just that. During these 60-minute sessions your child will learn cooking basics and will see how food gets made from start to finish. He/she will explore new flavors and foods while learning about nutrition and health in a casual, natural setting.


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