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events & partnerships

If part of your brand’s mission is to provide wellness to your clients, then collaborating with Nutrition Curator will help you do just that.


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If you have a fitness or wellness brand, partnering with Nutrition Curator will enhance your client offerings. This can be achieved through fun events, intimate nutrition talks, and even private counseling.

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Corporate wellness services are catered to your employees’ needs. They can be as simple as identifying healthy items in the cafeteria to something more interactive, such as a lunch and learn. We can also create group wellness initiatives motivating employees to set and achieve personal wellness goals.


FOOD & BEVERAGE products

Food and beverage partnerships with Nutrition Curator are meant to bolster your brand’s wellness persona. There are a myriad of ways we can do this, including but not limited to: collaborations for a signature recipe using your product, promotional events featuring your product, and social media giveaways spreading awareness of your product.


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