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Demand is growing for delicious, healthy food. Stay ahead of the competition by consulting with Nutrition Curator.

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Brand Manifesto & Menu Planning

It is important that your brand’s identity and menu align. But that is not always easy. At Nutrition Curator we help you distill what your brand’s priorities are, including but not limited to: ingredient procurement and utilization; cooking methods; and nutrition profile of dishes. Then, we help you execute that vision with a menu that maintains those values.

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Recipe Development

If you want thoughtful, well-composed, and nutritionally balanced dishes, you have come to the right place. Not only will we ensure that the food tastes delicious, but we will also consider your restaurant’s vision, dietary requirements, and operation parameters.

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Nutrition Analysis & Allergen Labeling

You would be surprised how inaccurate nutrition facts and allergen labels can be. Unfortunately, sending food to a lab can be expensive, while taking shortcuts can lead to inaccuracies. That is why finding someone with nutrition and culinary expertise is key. At Nutrition Curator, we can provide you with both to ensure you are getting the right nutrition and allergen information for your food at prices that are competitive.

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Client-facing Communication & events

Sometimes the hardest part about creating healthy food is getting people excited to eat it. At Nutrition Curator we help you cultivate a community of dedicated customers. We do this by creating easy-to-understand client-facing communication. We also help you produce intriguing health-focused events that will draw in the type of clientèle that shares your values and loves your food.


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