Nutrition Curator


"It's a pleasure to work with Allison. She listens to your likes and dislikes and then comes up with a very workable and easy to follow plan to make you healthier and thinner.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about diets and nutrition but I did not.  To my surprise, I was not eating enough during the day, which caused me to overeat from mid afternoon through the evening.  The first few days on her plan, I thought there was no way i could lose weight on all the food I was eating, but I did!  In addition to losing weight and eating healthier,  after two months of following Allison's guidelines, I was thrilled to realize that my migraines virtually disappeared.  Allison was able to do for me what no migraine specialists had been able to do for me."

F. J.


"I hired Allison because I had gained 20 pounds but could not figure out why. Allison honed in on elements of my lifestyle that I had not thought to focus on,  such as ordering food before I was starving, buying healthy snack options for the office to avoid eating junk food and periodic indulging in small amounts.  Through working with Allison, I finally lost the weight and have been able to keep it off. I continue to utilize her advice and recommend her to my friends."

-J. K.


"My wife and I hired Nutrition Curator to help us get healthier. We both grew up in homes with an over abundance of food where we were encouraged to overeat.  Nutrition Curator taught us overcome our learned habits of overeating which resulted in us gradually adjusting our daily eating routine to healthier food options, regular eating schedules, and smaller portions.  In addition, she helped us manage the triggers that caused us to emotionally overeat.  Our new learned eating habits have resulted in both of us losing significant weight, feeling healthier, and increased overall happiness.  Nutrition Curator also recommends fitness classes and routines that have further helped in our weight loss.  I have and will continue to recommended Nutrition Curator to friends and family members looking to lose weight and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle."

- M. Z.


"Allison is very dedicated and works closely with her clients to tailor a program suitable to their goals and lifestyles. For example, Allison looked at menus of places that deliver to my office and suggested healthy dishes that I can order when I am working late. She provided tools that I have been able to implement easily, even if after my program ended. I've recommended her to quite a few people, all of whom have been very happy with the results."

- L. J.


"I started working with Nutrition Curator before my wedding in hopes of shedding some pounds for the big day. Little did I know how much of an effect Nutrition Curator would have on my entire lifestyle! Not only did I lose weight for my wedding, but Nutrition Curator gave me an amazing plan that I continue to use every day. The plan keeps my weight in check, but also leaves me feeling energetic and clear headed by making sure that I eat the right foods. Thanks for everything Nutrition Curator!"

- M. R.


"Wow, Nutrition Curator, thank you! Your suggestions regarding nutrition modifications were extremely valuable and brought some relief to a chronic issue."

- B. R.


"There is so much that I owe to Nutriton Curator's curated health program. NC has helped me navigate the complicated world of trends and options, by shedding light on what is real and what is hype. I use NC as my constant source for silly questions and substantive planning. Thank you Nutrition Curator - I owe so much to you."

- D. S.


"Nutrition Curator has shown me how a balanced diet can be both healthy and delicious. The added bonus is the loss of excess weight without being hungry!"

- G. P.